Day 6: Ritual – Capture Your Grief


This is the place I feel closest to my baby boy. I go here often to talk to him about my day or just sit and cry. I take pride in the way his spot looks and am always watering the grass. I guess that’s the ‘mom’ in me.

But every night before my husband and I go to bed, we go to the cemetery and tell Jonah a story. My husband has been announced ‘the storyteller’ and I fill in where he leaves important details out. Sometimes we tell Jonah about our day and how much we miss him. Other times we tell him a story about daddy and mommy’s first date or about our wedding day. We tell him about important people like his grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, and his sisters (our furbabies, Winnie and Lady).

Sometimes it’s nice to think back and remember all the great stories Drew and I have together and the great people in our lives. We love to look up at the stars together and talk about how they look that night or notice the trees changing color.

It’s always hard to leave at night. Sometimes Drew has to pull me up off the ground because I’m crying so hard and all I want to do is stay with my little boy. Sometimes I’m screaming so hard because I have to say goodnight to my son at a cemetery and I don’t get to rock him to sleep.

We’ve never missed a night.


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