Day 21: Honor – Capture Your Grief

I think the best way I have honored and am continuing to honor my sweet boy, is by acknowledging his life. Although his life was short, it was still a life. God sent Jonah here on this Earth for a purpose and although I don’t know what God’s full intention is yet – I do know that my little boy was sent to this world to enrich my life and the lives around me.

I have been forever changed by Jonah’s life. I will never be the same person I was nor do I want to be. My faith in God has never been more strong then it is today and I have Jonah to thank for that. Some people may think that I should be mad at God for taking Jonah far too soon, but to be perfectly honest, I am so thankful for each day I got to carry him so close to me. I am thankful for each kick, every night of heartburn, each time we got to hear his heartbeat, morning sickness, and most of all I am thankful that I got to deliver and hold my sweet boy.

My whole perspective on life has changed because my ultimate goal now is to live my life in a way to reach heaven and see Jesus and my Jonah again. Don’t worry, I want to live a long life here on Earth and have many more children and grow old with my husband, but this is my ultimate goal and the ultimate way I can honor Jonah.



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