Day 23: Jewelry – Capture Your Grief

My husband got me this beautiful necklace to remember Jonah and keep him close to my heart. He is such a good daddy.


My sister-in-laws got me this beautiful ‘mommy ring’ to represent that I am still mommy even though my sweet boy is in heaven. They both are great mommies and have their own mommy rings too. Thank you to both of them. It means so much to me that you would do this. I love you two!



One thought on “Day 23: Jewelry – Capture Your Grief

  1. We, (Sisu Beads) I should say “I” being the other half of Sisu Beads have made pieces for moms so they could have their babies with them. It is the reason I found your blog. I struggled with everything about the request. I truly admire your strength. I admire your love and I admire you as a mom. I turned to moms like you. I needed strength, hope and understanding. I needed to help. Thank you for sharing, thank you for giving, for honesty. I was able to fufill the request because of brave moms like you. I was able to help and that was such a gift.

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