Where’s My Happily Ever After?


Last week my husband and I worked on putting together some of the bedrooms in the upstairs part of our new house. One of which rooms was suppose to be Jonah’s nursery. When we moved into our house in August, everything that reminded me of being pregnant and having a baby – I had my husband put upstairs and make it out of sight. I couldn’t handle it seeing those reminders. So we finally tackled those rooms.

The rooms upstairs was filled with boxes and boxes of things. We began to go through them where we found the huge box of books that I bought for Jonah when I found I was pregnant. I wrote inside each book ‘Mommy and Daddy Love You Baby J! 2013.’ I found a box of baby clothes I had gotten when I found out we were having a boy and I found the night light I bought right after I found out I was pregnant. There were so many things we found that brought so many emotions as we put together the ‘office.’

We came across a sign that we had received on our wedding day that read, ‘And they lived happily ever after…’ I saw the sign and told my husband to put it away in the closet. I told him that this is not happily ever after. I hope I didn’t hurt his feelings when I said this because by no means did I mean that I am not happy with him. I think he knew because he just put it away.

I just want to know where my happily ever after is? I didn’t sign up for this.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes….. stillbirth?

Wait, that’s not how the song goes.


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