2013 Thankful List

I am thankful for… 1. A loving and forgiving God who sent His only Son to die on a cross to save me. 2. Jonah and all the beautiful things he has taught me. 3. My husband, Drew. He continues to take care of me and love me even in the darkest of days. 4. […]

Light Up The Sky

This past weekend I went to Chicago and it was the first time I have ever been far away from Jonah. I had been planning this trip for quite some time with my good friend, Julia. For many months in advance, I knew this was going to be the first time I was away from […]


As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s sometimes hard to remember that I still have things to be thankful for. Since losing Jonah, I’ve quite often felt as though nothing matters anymore. My son has died. What else left is there? I forget there are still a lot of things left that I have to be thankful and […]

Grief and the Holidays

I’m literally dreading the holidays. I pictured this holiday season so differently. People keep asking when my family’s get togethers are and what we are doing for the holidays. I just smile and say, ‘I don’t know.’ Because I really don’t. I really don’t know what we are going to do. I don’t know if […]

The Dark Before The Morning

It’s hard for me to be truly happy or truly grateful for the people and things I have. In this deep, dark place I feel so selfish, but I like being here. I love to relish in the memories of Jonah and the thoughts about what might have been.¬†One day, the darkness will fade and […]