Day 31: Sunset – Capture Your Grief

I haven’t been able to finish this project the last few days because I have had an extremely hard week. But I wanted to post this picture of my husband with the beautiful sunset from our cabin in the background. This picture was taken on the fourth of July this year. Before we knew about any complications with Jonah and before our lives forever changed.


When I look at this picture, I think about better days. Drew and I have often referenced this time as the best of our lives. We were on top of the world. Our biggest problem in life was picking out the nursery colors. Just thinking about it makes me laugh. Makes me laugh at myself. How stupid I was for thinking everything was going to be perfect. I was so naive.

I also think about how much my love for this man has grown since this picture. You think you love someone the absolute most you can on the day of your wedding, but compared to that day – my love was a drop in the bucket compared to the love I have for him now. He is a good man and a good daddy. I just wish he could have taken Jonah fishing – like we hoped.


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