Snail Mail

Don’t you love the feeling of getting actual mail from your mailbox? Nothing beats it.

Today I got an awesome letter in the mail from my very good friend, Julia, asking if I would be her maid-of-honor (we refuse to call it Matron-of-Honor even though I am married because it sounds like I’m a 100 years old). She is so creative and came up with the cutest way of ask me.


She is such a good friend. From the first day that I found out I was having complications with my pregnancy – she was always there for me. She always calls me and asks how I am doing. Some days I tell her that I just don’t feel like talking about the bad and she tells me some funny story to brighten my day. Other times, I need someone to talk to about all the hard things going on in my life and she isn’t afraid to talk about it with me. She always lends me her opinion, but never forces it on me.

Most of the time, I need someone to cry to. I need someone to listen to me cry and tell me how crappy this is. Julia would do that. She tells it like it is and I love that about her. She is what you call a best friend. A person who is there for you through thick and thin and she will never know how incredibly thankful I am for her.

So, thank you, Julia. Thank you for always being there for me. For listening to me cry, for making me laugh, encouraging me, and for being there for me. You are such a great person and I only wish we lived closer. I cannot wait to stand next to you as you say your vows. You are going to make the most beautiful bride!

Jonah and I love you with all our heart.



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