Light Up The Sky

This past weekend I went to Chicago and it was the first time I have ever been far away from Jonah. I had been planning this trip for quite some time with my good friend, Julia. For many months in advance, I knew this was going to be the first time I was away from my sweet boy. I hoped that by the end of November, I would be put together enough to leave my sheltered life and get out of town. My husband kept telling me that I needed this trip and I need some ‘girl time’ with Julia. After all, she is my best friend and I needed her more then ever right now.

As Sunday night and the end of my trip came, I began my drive alone in the dark. I talked to my husband on the phone for awhile, but later turned on the radio to my favorite Christian radio station. I got to thinking about things. I got to thinking about my life. I thought about how sad it was right now, yet how stunning it is all at the same time. I look at things so differently then I use to. And then, right in the middle of my thoughts – a shooting star fell from the sky. It was like it was being slowly poured from a tall glass as it faded into the black sky. It was beautiful.

The funny thing was, just as I saw the shooting star – the song ‘Light Up The Sky’ by The Afters came on the radio and the lyrics hit me…

Picture this. Myself, driving back from my first trip away from Jonah. The road is empty and it is completely dark outside. Even though it is dark, the moon is out and every star is shining brightly. Imagine the awful guilt running through my head for leaving Jonah, but all of a sudden a beautiful, stream of light blasts across the night sky for only a moment. Then, imagine hearing the words ‘Light, light, light up the sky –  You light up the sky to show me You are with me.’

It was crazy. No other way to explain it. I have no idea if that was a sign or what, but it felt like one. It felt like it was Jonah’s way of saying that he is always with me and he was with me right there and then. Then the guilt went away. It faded just like the star did. Thanks, Jonah. For always taking care of me.

I like to think that Jonah’s life is a lot like that shooting star.

Brief, but absolutely beautiful.


4 thoughts on “Light Up The Sky

  1. I am also on my first trip away from Noah. It’s been hard, leaving him. I’m glad you got comfort from the star and the song.

  2. How beautiful! I think God gives us those moments when we most need them sometimes. I have heard that song lots of times, but never focused in on those lyrics before. Really special.

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