For This Child I Prayed


Tonight I looked at all my ultrasound pictures and Jonah’s handprints and footprints. These pictures are so precious to me. Not very many people have seen them. They are hard to look at most times. They bring back strong memories.

And with each picture, I could tell you exactly what that day was like.

Some were good days. Before we knew there was any complications. Those were fun ones.

Some were hopeful days. Hopeful that Jonah would make it through and continue to be strong. Continue to fight. He always had a strong heartbeat. I miss the sound.

Some days were sad. Those were the days we received bad news and were told things were getting worse. Those were hard.

Tonight at the cemetery, Drew told Jonah not to forget that he was a miracle. Our miracle.


‘For this child I have prayed. And the Lord has granted the desires of my heart.’

1 Samuel 1:27


4 thoughts on “For This Child I Prayed

  1. This verse brings comfort to me as well. We spent our entire pregnancy with Aj praying for a healthy baby this time. Although he never got to live here in earth, autopsy revealed that he was indeed a healthy baby boy. God granted our prayer, just a little different then we had expected. Praying for you all.

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