I’m sitting here on a Friday night surrounded by only my four-legged friends with a fire going on this blistery, cold night and sipping a Diet Coke. My mind keeps wandering back to the days when we were truly happy. I went through some photos on my phone today and found these pictures.


I love this picture. I can see my belly in the picture and although I didn’t think I was showing then – I can see here that I was. This is one of my two favorite pictures with Jonah.



Some people were dead set on whether Jonah was a boy or a girl. My brother called it the entire time though. I think he wanted a little nephew so badly that he got what he wanted.


It’s a boy!!!!!!


I have never looked at these pictures in sequence before. I don’t think I have even shown anyone some of these – even my husband. I just remember that I wasn’t going to do a cupcake reveal because I thought I was too busy to make time for it – I am so glad I did.


3 thoughts on “Blue.

    • I remember thinking that I was just way to busy to do this and I didn’t think any of our family was able to make it (since it was summer and everyone is so busy) – but everyone showed up and it meant the world to me then and it still does ❤

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