Snow Angel

Saturday morning, Drew and I went out to our farm to blow out the 4 inches of snow we received over night. We walked about a mile in the deep snow to get to our farm, so we were dressed warm. We did our chores and decided to afterwards go to the cemetery to see Jonah. We had to trudge through the heavy snow in the cemetery since the plows had not been out yet, but it was pretty fun to do together. The wind wasn’t whipping and it wasn’t bitter cold like it has been.

When we got to Jonah, the snow was perfect around his little spot. It was so strange because the light was shining through the trees on just him. We carefully walked to him and admired the perfect blanket of snow around him. I thought this was the perfect spot to do a snow angel. Luckily, Drew caught it all on his phone.

There was a point when he stopped taking pictures and he was just staring at me with a smirk on his face. I remember saying, “What! What! What are you laughing at?” I thought I looked stupid or something. But he told me that it was nice to see me genuinely smile again. It’s been awhile since I have smiled and meant it. It feels good to smile and be happy again. I’m not always happy, but I’m happier then I was.

It just goes to show, that you’re never too old for a snow angel.




5 thoughts on “Snow Angel

  1. So amazing. I’m glad you’re able to find happiness again. These pictures make me smile. This gives me hope for my dear friend.

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