Seared With Scars


I probably have said this a million times before, but sometimes I just can’t get over it. I can’t get over the perfectness of my life about 8 months ago. We were oblivious to the kind of pain that takes away very part of happiness that encompasses your current state. A kind of pain that makes the sun disappear and your bed the only safe place in the universe.

But I know things are going up. The steady ease of my life 8 months ago that went to a crashing, fiery burn – is still smoldering, but the fire doesn’t hurt as much anymore. Or that often. I’m getting back into the ‘new normal’ of my life and its own ups and downs along the way.

But I am not ashamed or afraid of the scars the fire or life has left me. They show the world that I am surviving. I may not look like I’m surviving to some, but I am.

But I can honestly say that I truly believe with all of the broke pieces of my heart, that out of suffering emerges the strongest of souls.

I may be seared with scars, but I know my soul is beautiful. Just the way it is…


2 thoughts on “Seared With Scars

  1. I’m so sorry for you, and Jonah and your family. You’re writing exactly what I think. My beautiful life. Mine was a girl, 38 weeks, perfect girl. 6 months ago. Now is different, I’m feeling as I’m the saddest person on heart, but sometimes I see a future. I have just to hold on to that small light that I see sometimes. I wish you strength, we need a lot of strength.
    Thanks for writing the blog, I feel less alone when I read your posts.

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