Jonah Beach

This past Christmas, my husband told me that he was taking me to Mexico with some close friends and this was part of my Christmas present. This probably sounds like an amazing gift, but I wasn’t excited and I didn’t want to go at first. I was scared to have fun and leave my sweet boy. After all that we had been through, Drew reassured me that we needed a getaway. We needed time to relax and remember what it is like to enjoy life again.

And we did just that.

I was mostly scared to leave home because I didn’t want to be far away from Jonah. I know this sounds silly to most – but I feel closest to him at home. Little did I know that he would follow us on our journey towards warmer weather and keep reminding me that I carry him with me no matter where I go.

One of the days we were in Mexico we went on an excursion to an island 24 miles off the coast of Puerto Vallarta. On the island was a beautiful beach where we took the amazing picture above. I had it in my head that I wanted to write his name in the sand in Mexico, but I never thought the picture would turn out so great. It was funny because just as Drew and I knelt next to his name and smiled for the picture, the waves came crashing in and my friend, Amanda, got the picture just in time before the waves took Jonah out to sea. We all laughed at that moment and Amanda said, “That was Jonah!” And it was so true. I know it was.

Quite a few mornings Drew and I went for walks together and took in the beautiful scenery around us. One morning we ventured away from our resort and walked around a rocky path to the edge of where the bay (where our resort was in) and the ocean meet. We had a view of blue ocean for miles and miles. We sat down and found ourselves talking about the trip and how fabulous it had been so far. I admitted to Drew that I really did need this vacation and thanked him for taking me. He likes to joke to everyone that he had to drag me to Mexico, haha. Of course, we talked about how we missed our sweet boy and how we pictured things so differently. Then, Drew says, “I just saw a whale!” We look out a ways and see a whale tail in the distance. We see the whale go up and out of the water several times and who really knows how many of them were out there, but it was truly amazing. We know they were humpback whales because we were told on our excursion that humpback whales migrate to this area seeking warmer water and it’s where they mate and have their babies.

I’ve always associated whales with Jonah because of the bible story Jonah and the Whale. Deep down, I have to believe that was Jonah at that moment. Sending me a sign that everything is ok and that everything will be ok.

It was an amazing trip with some of the best friends we have. I know I will never forget it.

mexico panoramic


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