24 Weeks

Even though my doctors have reassured me that my little girl is healthy and doing well – I still feel very scared at times. I try not to consume myself with it and it is getting easier and easier to do so. I still have those moments when I think – ‘When I was this pregnant with Jonah, I was told my baby wasn’t going to live.’ If you know my story or have been following me, you know that I was 23 weeks pregnant when I was told this.

You also know that I was exactly 28 weeks pregnant when I was told Jonah had died inside of me. I was 28 weeks and 1 day when he was born.

I think once I get past 28 weeks, my fear will subside a little more.

I told a close friend that this probably doesn’t make sense to anyone else, but deep down I truly feel that I won’t feel completely ok until she has been baptized in my church. Once I hit that monumental moment all will be alright.

I am making little goals to get past my fears each day. Each day is a victory.

Not only is it a victory, but every day with this little girl is a miracle. And I’d like to share it with you. Here is my 24 week update with my sweet girl, Micah.

How far along?    24 weeks and 3 days

Gender?   It’s a girl!

Maternity clothes?  Of course! I can’t live without them. At night I mostly hang out in my husbands comfy clothes.

Stretch marks?   Nope!

Sleep?   I have been getting pretty good sleep, besides the constant having to get up to go the bathroom several times throughout the night!

Best moment this week? Micah’s movements are getting stronger each week and it is amazing every time I feel it. I have started to notice my belly move when she is really kicking hard which is pretty amazing to see and feel!

Miss anything?   Nope. I love every minute of being pregnant.

Movement?  It’s getting stronger! I have been feeling movement since 16 weeks since I already know what it felt like. I feel so close and connected to her.

Food cravings? Skim milk mostly. I will wake up in the middle of the night to go the bathroom and then head to the kitchen to gulp down milk. Which usually ends up in making me go to the bathroom several more times throughout the night!

Anything making you queasy or sick?  Not really. I was sick and queasy my first few months of being pregnant but that has mostly subsided since being in my second trimester. I pretty much lived on the couch and my sweet husband took care of me and the house.

Symptoms?   Just an expanding waist line and feeling pretty exhausted by the end of the day.

Labor Signs?  No

Belly Button in or out?  In

Wedding rings on or off?  On

Happy or Moody most of the time?   Happy! The only way I could be more happy is if she were here in my arms.

Looking forward to?  I have my 24 week appointment tomorrow so I am looking forward to listening to her heartbeat with my husband. Maybe we will even get to do a little baby shopping afterwards!

And here is my 24 week bump!

24 Week Bump!


3 thoughts on “24 Weeks

  1. I completely understand when you say that you believe your fear will subside after 28 weeks. A lot of my fear went away after the amount of time it was when I miscarried during my 1st pregnancy and to be completely honest, even more fear went away after I passed 28 weeks. At the time, I didn’t know exactly what your situation was (I knew more later after reading your speech you gave at the Church) but it in the back of my mind I just couldn’t ease my mind knowing what you had gone through that late in your pregnancy. I really hope that you can have more relief after week 28. Pregnancy looks absolutely amazing on you and I can not wait for our baby girls to meet!

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