Introducing … Micah Rae Johnson

  Introducing… Micah Rae Johnson February 2, 2015 at 7:36pm 5 lbs 4 oz – 18 inches The past four weeks have been a blur and I sometimes can’t believe what has all happened, BUT I have never been so happy (and tired!). Micah came 5 weeks early into this world and low and behold […]


Christmas has already come and gone so quickly. And it seemed so special this year, when we were all so sad last Christmas. Being pregnant (especially 29/30 weeks pregnant) around Christmas time brings a much greater joy to the holidays. I feel as though the last year and a half I have very much identified myself […]

28 Weeks – The Third Trimester

I can’t believe I am 28 weeks now. Which is very bittersweet since this when I was told Jonah’s heartbeat had stopped and he was delivered 28 weeks 1 day. Every day after is becoming a milestone for me. Thinking back to my pregnancy with Jonah makes me evermore thankful now… There is something to […]

Happy Birthday, Jonah

The whole month of August has been hard for me. Making my head realize that it has been one year is so hard for me to grasp. I keep thinking, “A year ago today I was this or a year ago today I was that…” Today marks one year that I was told my baby […]

Faith That Conquers Dark Kingdoms

One year ago today my life turned upside down and I was told my baby would most likely die. A year ago today I spent over 36 hours in the hospital. Drew and I spent our time in about 3 different hospital rooms, with about 12 different doctors, countless nurses, millions of tests, and very […]

Keeping Busy, New Job, Stress and 10 Months

Keeping busy is what I have to do to push away the hurt for awhile. The hurt is always there, but sometimes it helps to stay busy and keep occupied. But it’s the moments like now, when my busyness has calmed and I find my mind looking for something to keep me occupied. I started a […]