28 Weeks – The Third Trimester

I can’t believe I am 28 weeks now. Which is very bittersweet since this when I was told Jonah’s heartbeat had stopped and he was delivered 28 weeks 1 day. Every day after is becoming a milestone for me. Thinking back to my pregnancy with Jonah makes me evermore thankful now… There is something to […]

Telling My Story – Speaking at a Pregnancy Loss Retreat

Last Saturday, I was asked to share my story for a Pregnancy Loss Retreat held at my church. It was such a healing and emotional day, but it was something I needed. I was able to tell my story to family, friends and strangers who were willing to open their hearts and listen to the […]

The Most Haunting Dreams

I have written before about how I go through periods of sleepless nights and nights where I’m completely exhausted and I all but fall asleep before my head hits the pillow. I also have periods of times where I have – well I can’t decide if they are nightmares or just dreams. Either way, they […]

I Won’t Let Go

Thank you to the person that sent me this video when I really needed to know that someone was still with me on this journey. This song fits so perfectly right now that it is kind of scary. I am about to hit the 6 month anniversary of Jonah’s death/birth and I’m sure by now people […]