Every passing year since Jonah’s death, the month of August rolls around and it somehow takes me to a different place. It takes me three years back. To a place full of sorrow, unknown and fears. It was a scary time in my life and a time I am not soon to forget. Looking back […]

28 Weeks – The Third Trimester

I can’t believe I am 28 weeks now. Which is very bittersweet since this when I was told Jonah’s heartbeat had stopped and he was delivered 28 weeks 1 day. Every day after is becoming a milestone for me. Thinking back to my pregnancy with Jonah makes me evermore thankful now… There is something to […]

A Letter to Me

Today I thought about what I would say if I could write a letter to myself a year ago this time. I thought about what it was like a year ago and I remember everything had seemingly gone back to normal for everyone else. While I was still hurting so badly on the inside, yet […]

Never Alone

For all my baby loss friends… Thank you for being there for me when others could not. Thank you for giving me courage through your strength. Thank you for listening to my story and loving my sweet boy – just as I do. You’ll never know how much¬†your kindness means to me. Never aloneNever aloneI’ll […]

Jonah’s First Snow

Today I woke up and looked out the window to see beautiful snowflakes rapidly accumulating in my yard. My first thought was, “This is Jonah’s first snowfall.” I immediately got dressed and went out to the cemetery to find my sweet boy covered in nature’s white blanket.¬†After I left the cemetery, I went home and […]

Day 23: Jewelry – Capture Your Grief

My husband got me this beautiful necklace to remember Jonah and keep him close to my heart. He is such a good daddy. My sister-in-laws got me this beautiful ‘mommy ring’ to represent that I am still mommy even though my sweet boy is in heaven. They both are great mommies and have their own […]