A Letter to Me

Today I thought about what I would say if I could write a letter to myself a year ago this time. I thought about what it was like a year ago and I remember everything had seemingly gone back to normal for everyone else. While I was still hurting so badly on the inside, yet […]

Happy Birthday, Jonah

The whole month of August has been hard for me. Making my head realize that it has been one year is so hard for me to grasp. I keep thinking, “A year ago today I was this or a year ago today I was that…” Today marks one year that I was told my baby […]

Where’s My Happily Ever After?

Last week my husband and I worked on putting together some of the bedrooms in the upstairs part of our new house. One of which rooms was suppose to be Jonah’s nursery. When we moved into our house in August, everything that reminded me of being pregnant and having a baby – I had my […]

Getting Out Of Bed

Getting out of bed is a pretty hard task for me. When I open my eyes to see a new day, I am reminded that this isn’t a dream. This is my real life. My life without Jonah. Luckily, I am also a ‘dog mom’ and my dogs are literally what gets me out of […]