Next Week

This weekend I turned 27 weeks. Which means 28 weeks is just ahead. The third trimester. I have a bunch of mixed emotions about when that day finally comes. I’ll be happy when it’s over and I’m on to 29 weeks, but all awhile I won’t be able to quit thinking about how this was […]

I Lift My Hands and Pray

I’m different lately. I’ve noticed myself becoming bitter and jealous of everyone around me. I know that it’s ok to feel these kinds of emotions considering the deep loss I’ve experienced, but I don’t like it. I found myself wincing at the sight of a newborn photo online and feeling angry at the thought of […]

For This Child I Prayed

Tonight I looked at all my ultrasound pictures and Jonah’s handprints and footprints. These pictures are so precious to me. Not very many people have seen them. They are hard to look at most times. They bring back strong memories. And with each picture, I could tell you exactly what that day was like. Some […]

Day 22: Words – Capture Your Grief

Sometimes the most comforting words come from a book that I need to pick up more in my life. The most comforting words come from a few short chapters of this large book, but these short chapters speak volumes to me. The most comforting words come from my own personal bible, from the book of […]